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Nail Salon

Nail Salon | Salon Rena - Gibsonia, PA

In addition to the many hair salon services we offer, we also offer our clients the opportunity to take advantage of the many nail salon services we offer. There are a variety of nail styles to choose from, including the latest nail trends.

Nail Salon services offered at Salon Rena:

Manicures - This procedure consist of filing, shaping and treating the nails, finished by a hand exfoliation
Pedicures - This procedure is not only to improve the appearance of your feet but is also therapeutic. In addition to filing, shaping and treating your toe nails, we also rub off dead skin from the bottom of your feet, giving it a smoother finish.
Gel Overlays
Acrylic Overlays - These are artificial nails which are placed on top of your real nails. We shape and file them down to fit your personal taste. Finally, the acrylic is pained in the cover of your choice.
Silk Overlays
UV Gel Extensions and Acrylic
Nail Art - We apply acrylic nails with pre-designed artwork pained on them. We have a variety of nail art to choose from. Self -expression is accomplished through your selection of nail art.

You may hear of nightmare stories involving the sterilization of nail equipment. At Salon Rena, you never have to worry about this. Our equipment is sterilized regularly in disinfectant. Having a client contract a nail infection could prove fatal for both our client and our business. We simply cannot allow this to happen. We make sure that no harm comes to our clients as a result of our negligence. We don’t take unnecessary chances with our clients.